Current winner MR Rubber UK 2019

Andrew 1ifeisadventure – LEEDS

(I’m no spring chicken, I’m 43), backgrounds, body images and ethnicities. My discovery of the rubber scene has been wild and incredible, but has also shown me just how much of a true family we really are. I’d love to be able to show that to a wider market, as well as supporting the amazing people already within it.

I am so so proud to call myself a rubberman, I’ve met so many incredible people, formed lifelong friendships, and this would be my ultimate thank you to them, for helping me through some tough times, for showing and helping me find myself, and for welcoming me into a place I truly feel I belong.

It’s time for me to be brave and finally say… Hey world, this is me.



I think representing the Rubber community in the UK is an honor. My goal is to carry on building a rubber community that feels inclusive to
everyone, irrelevant of how you express you fetish. To help bring people into this
community who perhaps feel intimidated or that they might not fit in. This is how
Sly Hands built such a fantastic community and a he’s a great inspiration when
looking for ways to make it grow and maintain it as a positive space.


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Rub Inuki  (Kieran) 2012


Coming from Wales UK, Inuki is a rubber fanatic. Passionate about anything slick and shiny, this puppy is always happy to offer a friendly bark to any of his rubber of leather friends around the world.

Inuki was Mr Rubber UK 2012 and was extremely proud to represent not just the UK, but also Europe at MIR 16 (November 2012) where he came first runner up.



Sly Hands 2011


Sly was the first Mr Rubber UK in 2011 and went on to win the title of Mr. International Rubber in November 2011.


Sly was the founder of the Manchester Rubbermen and a noted fetish photographer as well as an avid traveller, representing the Manchester and UK fetish scene across Europe and America.  Always keen to build the social side of the fetish scene, it is to a large extent thanks to Sly that rubber community groups have spread across Europe and further afield.