2018 Judges




Michael Gehring- Mr Rubber Europe 2018

I am Michael, but all call me Michi. I am 48 years old – well in a week 49 😉. I am living in Breitenbach, near Basel Switzerland. I am single, living together with my dog Odin, a Bernese Mountain Dog.
After a car accident 16 years ago, I retired because of whiplash and mental illness. After that I was not able anymore to leave my flat lonely. Step by step I found back in social life andit was a very important step for myself, as I went on stage for election of Mr. Rubber Switzerland 2017 last summer in Zürich. What a big surprise for me, I won the title… I never thougth, a Rubberman into heavy industrial rubber would win a competition like that. A new chapter in my life was opened…

But the biggest surprise was my election for Mr. Rubber Europe 2018 – a incredible wave of indescribable deep, strong feelings came over me…
I started into rubber for more than 25 years ago… I was focused on rubberboots, rubbergloves and gasmasks long before. But I did not want to accept. But then I got the Swiss Army sleepsack in my hands for the first time. And as I felt the cover, something happened.. I do not know what. I had to try and so I started with my first self-mummification. It did not need a long time and I had to buy my first complete rubbersuit.
Another passion is Reiki – hands on healing through which a universal energy – first of all for myself but also for other, who are interested.
My motto is: Just now, go on step by step and be respectful. Let us see, where are the common interests and let us build bridges there.
As Mister I want to stay for all these people, they can not or don’t want to stay in the focus for our common passion in rubber. Let me be their face. I like to be a synonym of wearing rubber-outfits self-confident, joyful and self-evident in the public and to feel us comfortable.


Michal Neighbour-Mr International Rubber 21

The first Mr. Rubber Poland (2017). The first Mr. International Rubber from the Eastern Europe. His fetish adventure has started with wetsuits and gas masks, long time ago. He is proud of being the co-establisher of “The Nest” program realized with the support of The ReFForm foundation (based in Warsaw, Poland). The main aim of this program is to provide a mental support to people who have a problem with their self-acceptance and their fetish side of the soul. His main aim is to promote rubber and support those in the fetish community in Central and Eastern Europe in the fight against persecution and discrimination. In addition, he wishes to educate and promote knowledge about rubber as a fetish and BDSM as well as support the organization of events and titles throughout the region.

Scott R

Scott Robinson- Manchester Representative

 A regular at many rubber and fetish events, Scott now helps to organise Manchester Rubbermen and now the come back of Mr Rubber UK after moving up from London last year. Scott can be found at the Manchester Bar Crawls, MRM, Recon Full Fetish and the Mr Rubber Europe and Mr International Rubber contests.

Scott has been into rubber (always tight, always shiny) since 2010 when he bought his first pair of leggings (which still come out to play on occasion). A fan of high collars, full coverage, and layers, he loves the tightness, the horniness and the way it makes his thighs look 😉 (Knott13 on recon)


James JRubberCub – London Representative

James lives in London – not Manchester contrary to popular belief – and runs the Rubbermen of London social group and club nights at The Backstreet. He also competed in Mr Rubber Europe as the only UK contestant, and made a wonderful 4th, 5th or 6th alternate – only the top 3 were told their place! James has been an active participant on the UK rubber scene since the age of 18, and regularly goes to fetish nights both at home and abroad. He is hugely passionate and outspoken about diversity and inclusivity in the scene, as well as making sure the sex is still a bit part of what it is to be a rubberman. James is happiest in full, heavy rubber and layers, and loves nothing better than long rubbery sessions with fellow gearheads. He also writes the fetish-centric blog ARubberPerspective when he can be bothered to do it.


Karl Shilton- SouthWest Representative

My name is Karl, known as RubberBristolPig, and I’ve been doing Very Bad Things in rubber for almost twenty-five years. If it involves rubber, piss, and bondage, I’m a happy pig!
Inspired by Si Hands, I started SWRM, the SouthWest fetish social, to encourage people to get out from behind their screens and meet face to face (or hood to hood!). And we’ve just celebrated our third year of socials!
It’s a privilege to be asked to judge Mr Rubber UK, and I’m really looking forward to finding out who is going to represent our community for the next year – and I firmly believe that the man in the rubber is just as important as the rubber on the man!


Steven Quick- Mr Leather UK 2018

Steven Quick, 39, originates from Cornwall but now living in Surrey, where he runs a thriving garden design and maintenance business. Having discovered an early affinity with leather and its erotic pleasures, Steven regularly attended the  gay clubbing scene in Cornwall in the mid-nineties, making every attempt to wear leather whenever possible. His persistence paid off and he soon met other guys with similar interests who mentored him and introduced him to the new and exciting world of leather and brotherhood. He now seeks to continue that tradition and, as founding member of Leathermen South in Brighton and now as Mr Leather UK, he is looking forward to supporting and promoting the leather fraternity. Steven is passionate about raising awareness about male sexual abuse and is a keen supporter of Survivors UK. Please visit his fundraising page at: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/stevenquick